Yot | Malta

Sailing into a New Realm of Opportunity


YOT got in touch with ANCHOVY. as they were facing issues with new customer acquisition and retention, asking for help analysing their customer journeys and identifying pain points which might be contributing to this.

Business Analysis and Customer Interviews

Our first step was to hold a set of workshops with the client in order to start building a fleshed out model of their internal and client facing processes. We also carried out one-to-one interviews with a set of their customers in order to understand what issues they face on a regular basis and what would make their experience a more pleasant and seamless one.

Brand Positioning

Using insight gained from the previous exercise, we created a set of user personas that would inform the decision process for all future work carried out for Yot. The brand was also positioned in a way that would accentuate both the forward looking nature of the company as well as importance they would be placing on accurate product recommendations and one-to-one customer service.


Four design pillars were considered in the design of the new YOT Store visual direction. A product approach emphasising minimalism, exclusivity, beauty & the less is more mantra was adhered to in order to create a modern and trend setting visual identity communicating a new standard of excellence.

Colour Scheme & Typography

The colour scheme and typography were chosen in order to emphasise the boldness of the updated brand while at the same time retaining a softer, more rounded element that communicates customer centricity.

Brand Element

Our primary mantra when creating the brand was “Simple shapes with impact”. This also informed the distinctive brand element we created which were integrated throughout their assets.


The website layout was completely revolutionised in order to put the spotlight on personalised product suggestions and a smoother customer journey. A set of 2 different homepages was proposed - one for new users and one for existing customers. While new users would see messaging aimed at inducting them into the brand and communicating what can be done on the website, the homepage for returning customers immediately showed frequently ordered products with the option of immediately requesting a quote for them.


A focus on one-to-one customer service was placed throughout the site, with modules pushing users to make use of live chat functionality integrated within the layout.

Additionally, two separate purchasing flows were set up in order to cater for individual buyers as well as business customers.