McDonald’s | Malta

McDonald’s Malta Case Study


There were four main objectives of this collaboration:
- Community Management
- Social Media Management
- Consumer sentiment survey
- Competitor report

Community Management

- Track and report on online comments and online reviews
- Respond to customers 24/7
- Social media monitoring on different social media platforms, pages and groups

Social Media Management

- Strategy Session
- Creative Concept
- Digital Strategy
- Posting & Boosting
- App Strategy

Consumer Sentiment Survey

- Understanding Consumers Trends
- Monitoring Consumers spends on F&B and other categories
- Observe significant changes in consumer behavior
- Understanding Food Category Spending Expectations

Competitor Report

- Website Audit of major competitors
- Key Insights of major competitors
- Social Media Audit and Monitoring

Recruitment  Campaign

Strategy & Creative

For this campaign we started from some key-points:
- Millennials want to progress quickly
- They are not afraid of working hard
- They are more realistic than generation Y
- They are forward thinkers (careers, house, future,etc)
- Millennials are using Instagram more than Facebook


Step 1:

Survey/contest | Getting more followers:
- This campaign will work on Facebook but it will be way better on Instagram
- Create a quick survey in store (Face or Insta)
- With a quick contest we can have more followers (through your new app)

Step 2:

Main video | Promote your USP.
- As you can get in a big position quickly
- McDonald’s trust the millennials -There is a lifestyle behind
- With you they can start a career
- Showing our target in a party mode with the frame stopping to show their age and position.

Step 3:

10 sec Videos | Real success stories.
- Take 4 of your actual young employees
- Let them explain their journey
- Put the creative concept in a real contest.

Step 4:

Instagram stories | Engage people with your content.
- Create some visuals with 2 people
- 30yrs suit guy vs 21yrs t-shirt guy
- Who’s the boss - voting stories
- Answer will be shown on Instagram story

What happens next?

Experience Ads

Social Media Posts


Extra - Strategic and Creative
Improvement Ideas

- App Usability Research
- Push Notifications Ideas
- Customer Complains Dashboard
- External Employee attractiveness & Internal Employee engagement based on Data Insights & Research