McDonald's Malta

Mcdonald’s Malta Case Study

A group of people enjoying McDonald’s burgers


There were four main objectives of this collaboration:
- Community Management
- Social Media Management
- Consumer sentiment survey
- Competitor report

Community Management

- Track and report on online comments and online reviews
- Respond to customers 24/7
- Social media monitoring on different social media platforms, pages and groups

Social Media Management

- Strategy Session
- Creative Concept
- Digital Strategy
- Posting & Boosting
- App Strategy

Facebook posts and sponsored ads of McDonald's to drive more customers to its digital platforms and to promote mobile app downloads

Consumer Sentiment Survey

- Understanding Consumers Trends
- Monitoring Consumers spends on F&B and other categories
- Observe significant changes in consumer behavior
- Understanding Food Category Spending Expectations

Competitor Report

- Website Audit of major competitors
- Key Insights of major competitors
- Social Media Audit and Monitoring

Research and analysis reports of competitor's social media and other digital platforms
McBacon campaign data showing the impressions, amount spent, and reach of social media marketing campaigns by ANCHOVY digital agency.
McDonald's Malta social media sponsored ads and their performance data

Recruitment  Campaign

Strategy & Creative

For this campaign we started from some key-points:
- Millennials want to progress quickly
- They are not afraid of working hard
- They are more realistic than generation Y
- They are forward thinkers (careers, house, future,etc)
- Millennials are using Instagram more than Facebook

Creative strategy and research of digital marketing campaigns for McDonald's Malta by ANCHOVY

Step 1:

Survey/contest | Getting more followers:
- This campaign will work on Facebook but it will be way better on Instagram
- Create a quick survey in store (Face or Insta)
- With a quick contest we can have more followers (through your new app)

 Instagram page of McDonald’s Malta

Step 2:

Main video | Promote your USP.
- As you can get in a big position quickly
- McDonald’s trust the millennials -There is a lifestyle behind
- With you they can start a career
- Showing our target in a party mode with the frame stopping to show their age and position.

Step 3:

10 sec Videos | Real success stories.
- Take 4 of your actual young employees
- Let them explain their journey
- Put the creative concept in a real contest.

Step 4:

Instagram stories | Engage people with your content.
- Create some visuals with 2 people
- 30yrs suit guy vs 21yrs t-shirt guy
- Who’s the boss - voting stories
- Answer will be shown on Instagram story

Promotional posts and stories for conducting surveys, customer and market research and analysis

What happen next?

Retargeting campaign strategies for driving customers to the website

Experience Ads

McDonald's Malta's social media promotional post depicting various burger varieties and special offers

Social Media Posts

Social media posts created for McDonald’s by the best digital marketing agency in Malta


Extra - Strategic and Creative
Improvement Ideas

- App Usability Research
- Push Notifications Ideas
- Customer Complains Dashboard
- External Employee attractiveness & Internal Employee engagement based on Data Insights & Research

Strategic and creative improvement Ideas for social media promotion
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