Maximus Gulf | Saudi Arabia

Recruitment Campaign in Saudi Arabia


We recently ran a successful PPC (pay-per-click) campaign for Maximus Gulf, a leading company in Saudi Arabia, with the goal of attracting top talent for an array of positions in retail.


The campaign was carefully planned and targeted to reach potential candidates who were actively searching for job opportunities in their field. This was achieved through the use of specific keywords to reach more individuals who are likely to be interested in such ads aimed at hiring.

We also made sure to reach a diverse audience by targeting individuals with various levels of experience, from entry-level to senior management. This allowed us to cast a wide net and attract top talent from all levels of the job market.


To measure the success of the campaign, we used a range of metrics including the number of clicks on our ads, the number of job applications we received, and the overall cost per hire. We were thrilled to see that the campaign generated a high number of clicks and job applications, and the cost per hire was significantly lower than our initial projections.

Overall, the PPC campaign for Maximus Gulf was a success, and we were able to obtain a conversion rate of 16.8% and over 10,000 conversions.