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Luxurious superyacht from Maori Italy


ANCHOVY’s co-founders were brought up sailing and at sea. In July 2020 a unique opportunity surfaced; to partner with an innovative super yacht brand from Sardinia, and redefine their purpose and digital future. Truly, a dream project come true.


Maori Yacht has been at the leading edge of boat design and technology since its inception in 2007. But with more companies entering the market as the luxury segment grows, it is even more important now for the brand to have a strong positioning and product offering. In tandem with major operational upgrades, it was recognised that the brand and ultimately the complete communication approach warranted redefinition.

Branding campaign posters and designs created for Maori Yachts with quotes to drive more attention
“Our yachts are unparalleled, unmistakably striking ocean warriors to deliver the ultimate experience on the sea.”


The purpose of the engagement was to inform, define and activate Maori Yacht as a leader within the Mid-luxury Super Yacht and Luxury Super Yacht tender segment. Our approach was simple; gather deep intelligence, reposition the brand and then activate through a new digital ecosystem.


Phase 1: Intelligence Gathering

Led by the team at Onest Data.

The objective was to provide intelligence and insights based on data research across the sector, as well as primary research through industry and stakeholder interviews and surveys. As with all purchase based situations, the key was to gain deeper and differentiating knowledge of the audience types and their core purchase drivers.

The core deliverable contains a detailed market landscape, SWOT analysis based on stakeholder perceptions. It includes geo tactical recommendations obtained through first party primary research of key members of the industry, social media stats, publications, HNWI reports, US data & brand collaboration insights.

The report shows the progress in super luxury yacht sales data from various locations around the globe.


As the audience consists of not just the owner, but their captain and their close circle and influencers, motivation and triggers are more complex than typical consumer purchases. To compete effectively, Maori Yacht would need to uphold “Hygiene factors” but excel in the “Motivators factors”

From a digital presence perspective, competitive analysis revealed that Maori Yacht would benefit from a more contemporary website, and social media thrust.

Phase 2: Rebuilding the brand

Brand Positioning

With the intelligence in hand, we explored our audience behaviour and the luxury segment as well as key competitors brand analysis to provide further input. Equipped with this, we defined a new brand strategy before crafting a new positioning and brand story that reflected the heritage and ambition for Maori Yachts.

Brand Definition

To support the new positioning, it felt natural for the identity and expression to undergo a refresh. Our aim was to refine and uplift the brand elements rather than complete replacement, as the current materials were well recognised, but a little out of date.

The luxurious interior and exterior designs of superyachts by Maori Italy

The design principles for the boats themselves were used as inspiration for the new visual language. Maori yachts are striking with specific attention given to the minimalist and contemporary design as well as how they connect with the elements due to their open concept and deep position in the water.

The logo was simplified and modernised. Rounded corners were replaced with sharp carves to reflect the modern boat aesthetic and the unmistakable hull design informed the update to the wave element driving a wedge into the wordmark.

 Maori Yacht logo font style design and creation

We chose GT Sectra as a new primary typeface for its modern profile reflecting the contemporary form of the boats but with enough traditional style due to its serif character set. Catamaran was introduced in support and for digital copy.

GT sectra and Catamaran font styles used for designing and branding the website

We explored further brand expression through approaches to photography, layout systems and general brand mood.

Designing perfect branding strategies for Maori Yachts by utilising ANCHOVY’s market research and analysis data

Phase 3: Activating the brand digitally.

The first examples of this new approach were delivered through the new website and social campaign.

The fast-loading and creative home page and collection page of the Maori Yachts website by ANCHOVY, a leading web designer in Malta


The old website was completely rethought to make way for a modern, simple and more editorial styled experience. It required a new interaction architecture and UX approach in tandem with the new visual language translated into an effective interactive design system. With all the clutter gone, the user is able to engage with the Maori Yacht offering and brand story seamlessly. The boat photography and videos are given prime real estate with nautical embellishments to add texture when required. Clear and bold type with major blocks of colour reflect the brand’s confidence and strength.

View the website here.

The new responsive website of Maori Yachts designed by the best UX/UI agency in Malta, ANCHOVY
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