Kindred Cheltenham | London

Winning users by winning data


The Cheltenham Festival is a prestigious horse racing event that attracts millions of enthusiastic punters each year, making it a favourite among betting companies. Kindred sought to maximise the number of bets and signups during this period and we helped it stand out among the rest, using real data to boost users’ confidence in their bets.


Betting companies create special promotions and bonuses to counteract the main causes of concern among bettors - the uncertainty of winning, paired with the risk of losing money.

Looking at past Cheltenham Festival results, we found that the winners shared certain things in common. When put together, these similarities revealed certain trends which gave us an indication of the horses that had the highest chances of winning their respective races in following festivals.


We compiled the past results and developed a website around them, providing punters with betting tips that offer them a sense of security on what they’re betting their money on.

We opted for a straightforward layout married with impactful copy on the landing page to immediately capture the attention of potential leads.

Each race in the festival had a dedicated page where users could explore its respective winner trends which simultaneously weed out the horses who didn’t fit the criteria and had lower chances of winning.  

Once only the race favourites were left, a Cheltenham exclusive special offer appeared prompting users to make a safe bet through Kindred’s platform which, in turn, generated new sign-ups.

Using responsive design we translated this same interaction onto the mobile version for phone users, ensuring that we retain the visual representation between the selected trends and imagery showing in the desktop version.

The gaming industry has strict regulations that influence visual representations of horses and their jockeys. To avoid any complications, we maintained the simplistic approach we took towards the website’s layout. We created illustrations that were vague enough to meet the requirements while still being immediately recognisable by enthusiasts.

The result

Throughout the duration of the festival, the website gained a notable amount of backlinks that led to significant traffic towards the Kindred platform. So much so that it keeps being updated and reused year after year both for the Cheltenham Festival as well as the Sydney Autumn Racing Carnival.