Kera | Malta

The Real-Estate Game Where Everyone Wins


Restructuring the rules of an established market like real estate is no easy feat. Yet, our work with Kera serves as an example of how calculated and targeted action can start to break them down to make way for newer structures.


The COVID-19 pandemic had massive consequences on the economy, leaving investors, homeowners, potential buyers and landlords, asking: “What will real estate be like after this?”

Kera sought to anticipate the future by gathering all these stakeholders under one digital platform and creating a sense of community within an often divided and opportunistic market. However, Kera hadn’t fully grasped the different needs of its customer base in today’s context which was limiting its ability to bring the change it wanted to see.


A series of analysis and research was carried out on a mixed sample of users to better understand the market through the lens of every type of user; buyer, seller, renter, landlord, agent or owner.  

We discovered that the majority of property seekers nowadays wish to have a tailored home-hunting experience from a service perspective.  

At the same time, we analysed current trends which revealed a general uplift in gamified systems which outperformed typical loyalty-based programs.

So now, we had a defined mission for Kera - turn the customary one-size-fits-all approach into tailor-made experiences for each individual stakeholder.


Our first point of action was to modernise the website’s design and add new features specific to the needs of both sellers and buyers

We introduced a custom search product, enticing seekers to specify their exact needs in order to avoid the hassle of sifting through endless listings.

Simultaneously, this was generating a new database of tailored searches for owners and agents to access - providing an opportunity to keep them engaged and generate new leads.  

We gamified the sellers’ interaction with the platform through an in-game currency. Each time an owner or agent made a sale whilst using Kera, they would earn a sum of Kera coins which they could later use to access the custom search database.


To support the launch, a Digital campaign drove traffic to the new experience. A teaser video directed high traffic to the website and the audience’s interaction with the website was tracked and analysed. Using this data, we ran a retargeting campaign featuring the core functions of the platform. This gave us an insight into where people are mostly engaging.


Kera exemplifies our fixation on the power of digital. Through this process, it garnered more click-through rates that surpass common industry benchmarks, springboarding its success in reshaping real estate as we know it today.