Holiday Inn Express | Malta

In the heart of St. Julian's


We started off the campaign by targeting people who were looking for a job and sending them to a recruiting platform. The two main goals identified with the client were the following:

The initial response was huge, and after just a week we had already garnered approximately 130 responses. At that point in time, the client informed us that they did not require further applications, and so the marketing efforts were concentrated instead on promoting the brand of Holiday Inn Express Malta. The responses were mainly achieved via a highly targeted Facebook campaign.

Brand Awarness


As with all major brands, we were constrained to the brand style guide for most of the artwork, however as an agency we always strive to add a few accentuating elements, especially to bring out the local aspect. Our main inspiration was the travel element, a heavy focus on colour and vibrancy, and the depiction of, young and energetic imagery.

Image Treatment

We wanted to accentuate the dynamic lines of the architecture of the building, since it’s such a distinguishing feature of the hotel. In keeping with this edgy, vibrant look, we cut some of the images to mimic the same shapes and to create areas of positive and negative space for us to use for text or any other elements which may have been needed for artwork and adverts.


We wanted the social media pages to really pop, using colour and the right imagery. We considered the flow of posts from one to the next, so that the overall campaign would look considered and coherent.

We also wanted to promote user generated content, curating tagged photographs from Instagram to add a fresh, raw vibe to the mix, so that people can have a real taste of the hotel rather than just being lured with professional photographs.

The result

With our Google Display Banners, we had obtained approximately 2,500,000 impressions and over 2000 website clicks.

The Facebook page of Holiday Inn Express Malta was started from scratch, and in just two months, we had already attracted over 5,000 people to the page. Through a variety of user generated content and video content, we have shown the Holiday Inn Express brand in Malta to over 240,000 people. Bearing in mind that that the total amount of people active on Facebook in Malta is 320,000, the numbers speak for themselves as a testament to the success of the campaign.