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Hand Crafted Burgers

Hermanos Burgers, handcrafted burgers in Malta


Hermanos have been taking Malta by storm with their juicy, groundbreaking burgers, presenting clients with mouthwatering recipes from all around the world. Every burger tells the story of a particular city through a specific selection of ingredients and mix of flavours.


Hermanos felt that their identity and fun loving nature wasn’t being adequately communicated through their existing brand. ANCHOVY. helped by not only updating the brand identity with a brand new illustrative style, but also by creating an app that allows Hermanos customers to order their favourite burgers online while also collecting and redeeming lyoyalty points online.

Hermanos burgers with unique package designs created by the creative experts of ANCHOVY, the best digital agency in Malta


A new set of illustrations was created in order to reflect the brands real identity. The logo, colour scheme and typography were also updated to be more minimal and provide ample contrast with the more eclectic illustative style.

Brand logo design and concept developed for Hermanos

Bespoke illustrations were also created for every burger, further integrating the product offering into Hermanos’ identity.

Hermanos burgers themes and designs show different service locations across the globe

The social presence was redesigned to be in line with the new identity. Food packaging was identified as one of the primary touch points with the brand, and was recreated from the ground up in order to delight customers ordering both in store and via food delivery apps.

Package designs and brand designs for Hermanos Burgers in Malta

Mobile App

An app that easily places all Hermanos burgers and relevant offers at customers’ fingertips was designed.

Particular attention was given to the user onboarding flow, highlighting all the key aspects of the app and giving users a gentle induction.

Cross-platform application developed by ANCHOVY for Hermanos. The design features easy use of the app for ordering food online

Users can also earn loyalty points and rewards with every purchase, while scheduling a pick up time whenever they want.

The menu page on Hermanos Burgers Android/ iOS mobile apps with unique UX/UI designs

We created a simple order journey for to user to buy their favourite food. Simply click on any food item you want, add any add-ons whether it’s upgrading to a meal, add sides or drinks and the item will be added to you cart. As your order is complete and paid for the order will be completed and accessed through your order screen to see the status of the order.

The process of ordering the meal, payment gateway, and order confirmation on the mobile application developed by ANCHOVY
Cross-platform application developed by ANCHOVY for Hermanos. The design features easy use of the app for ordering food online
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