Foster Clark | Dubai

The Power of Family


Foster Clark is one of the classic household names that goes back generations. This specific campaign during Ramadan, celebrates their heritage to bring to life the true meaning of family.



Ramadan campaigns are key to a brand’s health and for those in the food and beverage sector it can be a fragile period. Foster Clark wanted to use this opportunity to launch a new cake mix range and with a recent rebrand in Saudi Arabia and Yemen, it was a key opportunity to reestablish market share.


Food has the power to bond the family. Food is a way to share stories and can inspire some of the fondest memories. The tradition of baking as a family goes back generations, and Foster Clark has been there for many families as a key ingredient.


For this campaign we celebrated the strongest of bonds and traditions between a mother and a daughter with recipes shared. Using this as the premise for our hero story we follow a daughter visiting her mother. As she drives in the kitchen, the can of Foster Clark is there to remind her of the first time she made custard with her mother. This forms the catalyst for another shared moment of dessert preparation and baking as they prepare a full suite of deserts. Our story reminds the audience that Foster Clark has been in the background of their fondest memories, with more to follow.

Preparing several desserts gave us a series of 40 videos across 2 languages to pepper across social.


The campaign exceeded the initial target of 11,283,120 organic views.