Foster Clark | Dubai

Retargeted launch

Delicious Raspberry pie from Foster Clark in Dubai


Heritage brands often need to refresh their positioning to maintain relevance to the ever evolving audience. Foster Clark had recently updated their identity. This campaign was the relaunch rollout across 9 countries of the Middle East region.


The decline of above the line advertising engagement meant Foster Clark needed to rethink and modernise their advertising model to not only drive more digital but social media as well. To take full advantage of digital platforms our strategy was to use a highly targeted media strategy to ensure maximum effect of the assets to be produced.


We researched consumer purchase and usage habits across the full suite of Foster Clark products across Kuwait, UAE, Oman, Bahrain Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan, and Yemen. In tandem we examined their online and social behaviour to determine the optimal targeting and retargeting strategy.


Based on the research results, Facebook was chosen as the hero social platform, but also to create cost efficiencies for Foster Clark in asset creation with such a large cross country rollout as this.

The approach was simple; to showcase the undeniable delicious desserts to entice a response. We used a 3 phase delivery - teasers introduced a set of preparation videos without any branding to tap in to the raw attraction of ingredients, followed by the finished desserts to drive the craving home. For those who engaged, they were retargeted with videos showcasing the products used to craft the mouthwatering desserts they’d already seen along side other useful information such as recipes.


The targeting strategy paid off with the campaign reaching millions.

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