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The FIAU (the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit) is Malta’s national agency which is responsible for the curation, processing and analysis of specific information which is used in the ongoing battle against money laundering and the funding of global terrorism. Having a corporate website which would securely present the often sensitive and delicate nature of the FIAU’s work was our first goal.

Intro for corporate website development

We developed a corporate website development strategy which reflects the sensitive nature and high caliber of procedures and services which the FIAU group are engaged in. Integrated in our corporate website development for the FIAU, we have provided the group with advanced SEO solutions and advanced accessibility options, ensuring the group continues to have a dialogue with its’ intended audience which is both flexible and appropriately informative.

Additionally, our corporate website development strategy for the group has an integrated GDPR module which guarantees the group processes user data in a safe and compliant way. Furthermore, our experts have developed a state-of-the-art vacancies module, highlighting the career opportunities which the FIAU may have at any given time. This selection of high-quality modules has been integral to our ongoing corporate website development for the group.

Vacancies Module

Having an attractively designed and meticulously detailed career page is often critical to an organisation projecting the appropriate brand image to their website visitors and prospective job applicants. In this corporate website we have designed a vacancies module which ensures the group effectively conveys their company ethos to their viewer, further promoting prospective job seekers to learn more about the organisation at large. This boosts the FIAU’s possibilities to attract the most suitable applicants to the range of vacancies which they may advertise at any given time.

GDPR module

Having a corporate website which is compliant with the latest in GDPR legislative procedures is extremely important for an organisation such as the FIAU. Our expertly designed GDPR module ensures that the FIAU continue to harvest and process consumer data in a manner which operates within the relevant legal parameters. Visitors can rest easy in the knowledge that their data is being processed and utilised in a safe and secure manner. This transparency of data protection and usage of consumer data is an essential factor for any organisation nowadays, therefore our experts are proud to provide this module in our corporate website development for FIAU.