Cupio Snacks | Saudi Arabia

The Taste Of A Healthy Snack

A woman is displaying the Cupio snacks packet, which contains vanilla sesame almonds.


Cupio cares about delivering nutritious, healthy snacks through its e-commerce platform. When it was time for a refresh and optimisation, they turned to ANCHOVY. We prioritised a new look with bolder, natural colours, improved site speed and set up email automation - a better experience for the user, and better business for our client.


A good e-commerce platform is crucial to online businesses. No user will use your digital storefront if it’s not a pleasant experience. Our UX and Development teams worked hard to make the site fast and easy to use. You can easily purchase and register to receive personalised newsletters with new offers.

The eCommerce website for Cupio snacks is built with unique features by the UX/UI experts of ANCHOVY

Email automation

We provided email automation to help Cupio to find his audience and engage with consumers. With a personalized emails automation for each client, from new customers to repeat buyers, Cupio can reach every of them and attract them with a personalized message.

Email automation strategies and procedures followed by ANCHOVY in targeting the potential audience of Cupio snacks

Website Restyling

Fresh colors, inspired by nature and wrapped in minimalist, user-focussed design create a memorable experience that rewards the user with every visit, while catchy design elements add that ‘something special’.

The user-focused website design with catchy elements for Cupio Snacks from ANCHOVY rewards the user with every visit
The mobile and tablet views of Cupio snacks eCommerce website designed by ANCVHOVY, the best web design agency in Malta

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