Carrier | Dubai

A Breath of Fresh Air in Trying Times


Together with CVR, a full-service agency based in the heart of the American Midwest, we were responsible for running the campaign in the UAE and Qatar. The global campaign promoted one of the most-established brands worldwide in the modern day air conditioning systems.


The campaign spanned across a number of countries and regions, with different agencies responsible for running campaigns in their designated region.

With limited data available at the beginning, we had to narrow down our core audience and choose the right medium to target them at specific times of the day in order to utilise campaign budgets in the most efficient manner possible..


The campaign specifically focused on air purification with our main objective being to raise awareness of the product offering for offices and commercial buildings. Since the pandemic, there was a significant increase in the need for air filtration and ventilation.

We also noticed that messaging throughout the pandemic had started taking on a number of very predictable patterns, which we wanted to move away from in order to deliver a campaign that feels like a breath of fresh air.


We narrowed down our audience to office managers, construction managers, and commercial buildings managers, and targeted them through paid media, both digitally via LinkedIn as well as advertising in local trade media. The campaign ran between January and April of 2021, which was a key time for a lot of offices and commercial buildings to open again to the public. The message was centered around creating a comfortable environment in closed spaces.

Considering that both regions are bilingual, we created four landing pages in both English and Arabic, focusing on driving traffic to them. The campaign was also split into two languages, with focus gradually being shifted onto the approach which generated better results.

Due to the larger population size, 60% of the budget was allocated to the UAE and 40% to Qatar with the same percentage split between LinkedIn and trade media, respectively, due to Linkedin’s more accurate audience targeting.

For trade media, we focused on a mix between very local and industry-specific publications such as Gulf Construction, Raya, Peninsula Qatar and CNN Arabic.


We achieved a 43% conversion rate for the UAE and 40% for Qatar for visitors taking an action either to submit a request, download information or visit the main website for more information. Around 12% of overall visitors contacted Carrier for more information.

For trade media, we’ve reached 231,750 unique users in Qatar and 124,411 users in UAE at the frequency of 4. 60% of the impressions were shown on Mobile with a CTR of 0.30% on average (UAE and QA).