Bavaria | Malta

Holland’s Premium Beer


GSD approached ANCHOVY. to create a social media campaign that would build brand awareness for Bavaria as well as change the perception of Bavaria on the Maltese islands.

The objectives

What were the objectives that ANCHOVY. were tasked with reaching?

Market research

Before we started the campaign or strategy throughout, we ran a survey with 683 respondents to gain insight into the perception of beer brands in Malta as well as the trends between beer drinkers.


Looking at the findings from the survey, it was evident that beers such as Cisk were more favoured than other beers. This is normal considering that Cisk is Malta’s local beer and naturally it would be the choice for most locals considering its heritage and conditioning to Maltese people.


Bavaria had to establish itself in the local market as a local beer as seeing as an obvious choice of beer where Cisk has a monopoly in the country it did not make sense to do anything similar to them in the positioning of Bavaria moving forward.

We proposed to show Bavaria as a drink for those who like to go off the beaten track and indulge in adventure. Our main aim here was to target a younger demographic that enjoys the alternative side of life both foreign and Maltese. We also mixed this campaign with the likes of Ziggy which is a popular DJ in Malta that attracts a large amount of people within the ages of 18-30.

Not only was Ziggy a compliment to the campaign but we framed the campaign as instagrammable moments of self made BBQ’s, hikes to new places and other moments where one could enjoy Bavaria as an addition to new experiences and adventures.

Most beer’s in Malta position themselves as a beer to drink in a bar, club or social event we decided to also dip into the space of social events that are self made which positioned Bavaria as a beer in which you enjoy the best memories that you will never forget.


We used the data that we built to come up with a strategy of going beyond the blue, experiencing life with Bavaria as well as personifying each flavour of Bavaria to make it more relatable.

We created imagery through content that rustic elements like polaroid photographs, emphasising on the memories aspect showing people interacting with Bavaria through adventure in a unique social environment. Connecting people with Bavaria on a whole new level.

This connected Bavaria with Malta as Malta is not just an island surrounded by blue seas neither is Bavaria – it’s much more.


Page grew from 2,053 to 4,313 – Growing the page by more than double through this campaign which increased brand awareness for Bavaria as well as portraying Bavaria as more than just a beer.

Impressions: 300K

Frequency: 2.7

Total media spend3.4K