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Taking the recruitment systemto another level

ANCHOVY is taking the recruitment system of Atlantic Energy Malta to another level with SEO and lead generation


Atlantic Energy approached us to take their recruitment system to the nextlevel, as well as increase their online presence through search engineoptimisation & Google search all within a Lead Generation Campaign.

Defining the problem

Atlantic Energy was facing a problem with their recruitment process. We noticed that it was very inefficient, so our primary goal was to improve it and increase the new employee acquisition rate, while simultaneously reducing the cost needed per acquisition.

The advantages of employment at Atlantic Energy Malta

The Strategy

Before we started, there were some questions we had to ask ourselves to solve the problem. How do we get the right people to apply to work with Atlantic Energy? Who are the right people? And what kind of people are Atlantic Energy looking for?

We decided to create a campaign that would target both inexperienced and experienced potential applicants.

Facebook Targeting

Potential applications were targeted with text that would appeal to different user segments. Experienced people would see messaging urging them to become the face of a better world, while inexperienced applicants would be urged to build the career they’ve always wanted.

User Flow Step 1

The sponsored ads design concepts of Facebook marketing campaigns by ANCHOVY

User Flow Step 2

The web page for filling in the required details of the applicant

Landing Page

Two variations of the same landing page were deployed for our user segments. Inexperienced applicants would see a drastically simplified application form that could be submitted in a matter of seconds.

The dynamic responsive landing page created by the best website development company in Malta for Atlantic Energy
Employees' testimonials on the Atlantic Energy website

User Flow Step 3

Webpage for communicating interview schedule notifications to Atlantic Energy Malta recruits


The campaign was continuously monitored and optimised after launch. Changes to both the mobile layout and form structure were made in order to bring our efforts in line with the user behavior observed.

The daily performance report and search engine campaign ads layout of the Atlantic Energy Malta website
Website landing page and mobile optimization strategies for improving the performance of Atlantic Energy

Creative Artworks

Collection of the creative artworks during the campaigns done by ANCHOVY the best digital marketing agency

Achieved Results

Highest Performing Keywords
One of the first thing we noticed was that people were in fact extremely interested in finding jobs near them. This meant that the campaigns and landing pages were continuously optimised to cater to these keywords and encourage applications due to proximity

Highest Search Rate United States
While we started the campaign in a single state, we soon began rolling it out in additional areas. When a statically significant volume of conversion was reached, the campaign was refocused to areas in which we observed the highest number of conversion.

Highest Performing Device
All throughout the campaign we noticed that the mobile devices were the ones that consistently had the best performance. This meant that after a while we were focusing on pushing the campaign exclusively through mobile.

Performance report of the campaigns depicting the demography, technology/platforms, and keywords

The Final Result

The ROI data for the Atlantic Energy campaigns, as well as the total number of applications received during the period

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