Arab Child Parliament | Dubai

Transformation at Speed


The Sharjah Arab Child Parliament’s main objective is to care for the youth across all Arab countries. It fosters a dialogue between children, ministers and decision-makers in the United Arab Emirates in its role to offer children everything they need to be able to grow and progress in their lives, including their participation in society and their contribution to building their country. It was time for a new parliament to be voted in

The brief

We needed to convert an offline voting process into a streamlined online experience that would enable 17 Arab countries and up to 88 MP members to vote.

The platform required a custom build from conception to deployment in 6 weeks catering for various points of access, from members, admins, super admins and finally, auditors to ensure the voting was accurate. It also needed to be user friendly and simple to understand, due to the majority of users being children between the ages of 12 and 18 years.


The campaign specifically focused on air purification with our main objective being to raise awareness of the product offering for offices and commercial buildings. Since the pandemic, there was a significant increase in the need for air filtration and ventilation.

We also noticed that messaging throughout the pandemic had started taking on a number of very predictable patterns, which we wanted to move away from in order to deliver a campaign that feels like a breath of fresh air.


The final product was designed to be mobile-first with both Arabic and English formats.

It was implemented using Laravel, for a more open source code development environment with longevity.

As this was web-based, it had extensive cross-browser requirements for Chrome, Safari, Samsung Internet, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Firefox, as well as meeting full GDPR protocol.

Careful consideration was given to the  complex business rules behind the platform due to the voting mechanic having very specific requirements across usertypes, roles, access and authentication.


All 17  Arab countries were able to participate with a full set of voters and a flawless platform performance.