Al Majal Al Arabi | Saudi Arabia

Construction Giants Reborn


ANCHOVY and Al Majal Al Arabi, both striving for success and growth, have crossed paths in 2021 and a dream project was born. They have joined forces to revamp Al Majal Al Arabi’s brand and website; a collaboration that leads to a true success story.


Al Majal Al Arabi has grown to meet the Saudi market’s various economic and developmental needs since its incorporation in 1991, as it offers solutions with unrivaled speed and accuracy to achieve customer satisfaction across all its 12 companies. But as the world is shifting fast to a mature digital age, it was imperative for the brand to reinforce its position in the Saudi market by seizing big opportunities and strengthening its position in this new digital world. Al Majal Al Arabi warranted rebranding and reviving to keep up with modern times.


The purpose of this collaboration was to actively revive and reposition Al Majal Al Arabi as a leading force in the Saudi market. ANCHOVY’s approach was on point; reposition the brand and activate it through a new modern digital ecosystem.

Brand positioning

Both ANCHOVY. and Al Majal Al Arabi share the communal passion of mastering the right brand positioning and using it smartly to deliver the right message and reflect the proper brand image.

Equipped with in-depth market research, a deep understanding of values, vision, and other brand attributes, and Al Majal Al Arabi’s important contribution to the Saudi community and market, we defined a new brand strategy and positioning that highlights the role and its impact of Al Majal Al Arabi on the Saudi market.

Brand Definition

To position the brand as a leader in the field, we developed a corporate identity that reflected its modern and streamlined approaches. We aimed at rebranding by building a strong, recognizable brand that would help Al Majal Al Arabi connect with their existing customers, attract new ones, and encourage loyalty and recognition.

We opted to revamp and modernize the logo, rather than doing a major overhaul, to help the brand stay relevant with its target. The aim was to modernize the brand by giving it a brighter and flatter option, especially by using unique colors that represent the Group's entire identity. As for the other sub-logos, they were designed in a way that reflects the core value of each of the 12 companies under Al Majal Al Arabi.


The old website was redesigned and replaced by a modern, appealing, and engaging interface, so as to mirror the new brand positioning. The website is the most important marketing and sales tool a company has, so we aimed to offer a user-friendly interface and personalize the digital experience to allow the user to easily navigate and engage with the website’s content. The overall picture was to reflect Al Majal Al Arabi’s values from diligence, perceptiveness, and history within each word, design, logo, and visual added to the website.

You can view Al Majal's new website here