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Connect Europe with Morocco

An Airbus A320 aircraft of Air Arabia on its flight path


ANCHOVY. was approached to take the brand and spread it across specific countries within Europe mainly Germany, France, Spain and UK with the aim of placing Air Arabia as the best airline choice to connect Europe with Morocco.

The client’s mission is to revolutionise air travel in the region through an innovative business approach offering superb value for money and a safe, reliable operation. It was up to us to increase brand awareness for the company.

Market Research

Initially we started off by learning more about the product and the flight destinations. Secondly we needed to understand the Moroccan cities in depth to be able to craft out the personas to target the right and specific audiences.

The process involved a deep research on the areas which included details about attractions, excursions, things to explore, reviews, testimonials and more.

With this information at hand, we already had a clear picture on who to target and most importantly why target this audience.

The targeted locations of Air Arabia's marketing campaigns are Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany, and France.

Digital Strategy

Based on the findings from the research we identified different ways on how to target these audiences.
• Personas
• Demographics
• Interests & Behaviour

Tear 1

Generic Gifs

The Advertisement poster design for the Air Arabia campaign "connect Europe to Morocco" was strategised by ANCHOVY

Tear 2 - Retargeting

Retarget People who has engaged with Generic GIFs

The retargeting strategies developed by ANCHOVY

Tear 3 - Specific

Target specific demographics within the city

The Advertisement design concepts for targeting specific locations for Air Arabia

Creative Strategy

For the creative team it was also challenging trying to create artwork that targeted specific landmarks and keeping within the brand guidelines.

Using the same data collected initially, we created some great artwork to complement not only the strategy but also the destinations.

Following the completion of the artwork, the next challenge was to create very specific ad copy for social media and to then translate each of them into German, Spanish and French.

 A collection of creative designs developed for Air Arabia campaigns by ANCHOVY the best digital marketing agency


We always keep working hard to provide value and focus on the goals ahead to ensure great results.

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