Adapt Clothing | Saudi Arabia

Sports Clothing that Inspires Dreams for Men and Women

In sports, clothing can be a main motivating factor to inspire a healthy lifestyle. Motivating people to practice sports is not always easy. ADAPT’s mission is to make sure everyone believes that they were made to adapt and face any change or challenge.

ADAPT asked us to create a modern full suite re-branding campaign and creative concept for the launch of their digital campaign.

Identity: A new brand foundation

We worked with ADAPT to evolve their brand identity for a broader national audience in Saudi Arabia. We used ADAPT's brand pillars to anchor us as we infused vibrancy, youth- and a little bit of fun into a new fresh design. After weeks of sketching and exploration, a new logo was born - a clean 'AA' logo. This new logo set the visual foundation for every ADAPT touchpoint , from merchandise, online store and social media. Adapt’s new logo is the center of an entirely new brand identity, complete with fresh colors, iconography, typography, motion and illustration rules, and tone and voice. All wrapped into a single, comprehensive brand guidebook.