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Our leadership

Benji Borg

Co-Founder | Chief Executive Officer

Zak Borg

Co-Founder | Chief Strategy Officer

Matthew Sammut

Director | Chief Revenue Officer

James Abela

Director | Chief Commercial Officer

Tala Saleh

Co-Founder | Director - KSA

Ruaan Grobler

Chief Operating Officer

Omar Tanti

Chief Technical Officer

Andre Schembri

Head of Technical Operations

James Borg

Head of Backend Development

Julian Muscat

Head of Tech Consultancy

Alessandro Morreale

Head of Digital Consultancy

Jarek Nalewajk

Head of Projects

Philip Mercieca

Head of Design

Luke Vella

Head of UX Strategy

Gerhardt Camilleri

Head of Client Success - Tech

Dorvic Mansueto

Head of Client Success - Tech (Integrations)

Emily Attard

Head of Client Success - Marketing

Tonio Cuschieri

Head of Finance

Alexia Cordina

Head of People & Culture

Ashish Vedhara

Business Development - UK

Michael Psaila Debono

Digital Consultant

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