Choosing the right customer service software is crucial to the experience that you will be able to offer your clients, as much as it is to your experience in managing customer data. This should shed some light on the importance of choosing the right software in relation to your business needs, since it involves a level of commitment concerning the level of customer experience that your business would be able to provide for the foreseeable future.

HubSpot and Zendesk are both customer relationship management (CRM) platforms that offer competent support to many businesses through services such as analysis of data and software management. However, despite their commonalities, these platforms can be distinguished in a number of significant ways.

Creating a Great CRM Experience

When considering the choice between HubSpot and Zendesk, it's important to align your decision with your business' goals. If your primary concern revolves around managing tickets and maintaining effective communication with clients, Zendesk certainly offers a robust solution. However, if your focus extends beyond mere ticketing and encompasses the holistic growth of your business, HubSpot emerges as the superior choice.

HubSpot vs Zendesk Integrated Platform

HubSpot's integrated platform seamlessly merges the critical functions of sales, marketing, and service, forming a cohesive ecosystem that drives business expansion. By harnessing this comprehensive toolkit, businesses can not only run targeted marketing campaigns but also enhance lead conversion rates and elevate customer support services. This holistic approach ultimately cultivates an environment where clients are not just satisfied, but enthusiastic enough to recommend and refer others.

While Zendesk functions as an efficient waiter, HubSpot serves as the restaurant's core, incorporating effective marketing strategies as the location and proficient sales tactics as the chef – together resulting in the transformation of your business into a top-rated, thriving entity.

Service Efficiency

Both HubSpot and Zendesk provide service efficiency tools to businesses, maximising their efficiency when reaching out to their customers. HubSpot’s robust set of tools are highly capable in boosting efficiency, with features covering customer service automation, omni-channel messaging and SLA management - with integrated connectivity to marketing and sales activities to provide team members with a full picture of business activities and client interactions.

On the other hand, while Zendesk offers a similar set of features, it falls short when it comes to features required to completely align front office teams on a common platform.


Zendesk offers a great number of features with deep customisation options that makes it suitable for complex business processes. However, this also entails increased effort and additional configurations to manage the system, which might potentially impact the efficiency of small to medium sized service solutions.

HubSpot offers an array of customisable features in terms of objects, records, surveys and dashboards, especially when opting for the platform’s higher tiers, generally meeting all the requirements of service teams without overwhelming users with a huge amount of unnecessary features. 

Quality of Support

Despite both platforms being highly competitive in this field, multiple professional reviews put HubSpot on top on this front, mainly due to the fact that HubSpot offers more customer outreach applications such as Facebook Messenger, SurveyMonkey, and Intercom that are available in their directory, as opposed Zendesk’s less than 100 applications for sales and chat features.

HubSpot vs Zendesk Pricing

While the cost per premium membership for Zendesk Suite is that of $79 per agent per month, as opposed to HubSpot’s fee of $100 per premium membership per month, HubSpot offers unlimited free users, whereas these would need to be purchased additionally per user when using Zendesk. This can naturally increase the total cost when using Zendesk, depending on the ratio of free to premium membership features you would need for your business. 

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