Seeking Efficiency: Building a Hybrid Inhouse Model

Michael Psaila
April 28, 2022
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Lady Justice is blindfolded to ensure a fair result. So you should hire the best Digital Agency for better business solutions and performance

Choosing between hiring an agency to manage your digital activities or hiring in-house can be tough. Strong brand connection comes with an inhouse staff while broad experience comes with an agency. It is extremely rare for a singular model that fits every company and so many companies are looking at a hybrid model which proves to offer a fantastic balance in many ways for both company and agency.

You can combine the experience, innovation and processes of an agency with the efficiency, integration, control and brand expertise of an in house marketing team.

The ANCHOVY. In-housing Model

The ANCHOVY. Agency in-housing solution is a hybrid model for this new age. We build dedicated agencies inside our clients’ worlds. It allows us to operate at the speed of your business. Our in-housing solution bridges the strategy gap between choosing an operating model and actually making it work.

Through this structure we build up a dedicated pod (number of resources varies as required) for your own in-house digital team which works onsite. The pod is ANCHOVY. certified and structured for digital excellence.

What are the benefits to this?

1) Skill diversification

When you hire in-house, you can usually only afford to hire one or two people and you run the risk that some people who are good at paid search may not be good at managing social media presence. On the other hand, agencies will have experts in a variety of areas so if expertise will be needed in multiple digital channels, a marketing agency may be the right choice.

This means that with this inhoused ANCHOVY. pod, you will be given direct access to a full team that acquire diversified skills and expertise and not just the limited skills of the few people you hired.

2) The Expertise

Leaving off from the last point, having an inhoused ANCHOVY. team dedicated to your company would also mean that the expertise of the agency life automatically comes with it. Company workshops can include the agency team member in order for the wider experience to be brought to that workshop table.

Working in an agency, one is acquainted with so many different versatile projects marketers at an agency deal with a lot of different clients from many different industries. Hence the experience in different campaign successes and failures from a wide, broader, long-run perspective can be brought to the table – something which the company might fail to see as that is not their area of expertise.

3) Partner Perks

Agencies do a lot of networking on an everyday basis. One of the goals of an agency is for strategic partnerships to be created in order to strive to give off the best holistic service possible without creating any struggle or hurdles for the end client.

For example if the client will request both online and offline work and is dealing with the digital agency, then the said digital agency would deal with the offline agency itself internally. It is much more difficult for an in-house marketing team to construct these kinds of partnerships, mainly because of the credibility and lack of resources to give back to that partner.

Having an inhoused ANCHOVY. pod will give you direct access to the many different partners that are linked with us. This makes lives easier for the company in question as there is far less running around to different agencies for certain, specific services.

4) Direct Contact

One of the biggest hassles when dealing with an agency could be getting lost when meeting so many different people that are responsible for different services within the agency. For example if you’re hiring an agency to push out a digital campaign, one will have to deal with the creative team, the social media team, the SEO team, the branding team (if necessary), the financial team and many others.

Having the inhoused ANCHOVY. pod working within your company structure, this hurdle is eradicated. You will still meet the different people from the agency, however there will always be one link as a point of contact who will structure the whole journey for you, making it a less-hassled experience for you as a whole.

5) Passing On The Knowledge

As mentioned before, building an inhouse team, you will be limited – at least at the beginning. Limited in personnel with different skill-sets and expertise. Having an inhoused agency pod will definitely help out your own inhouse team as it will be working in very close proximity to the agency pod. Passing on knowledge is a guarantee.