A letter from your consumers

Itʼs been a time of change – and weʼve been thinking about what we value most.

With the economy how it is, our money means less, meaning the things we buy from you –travel tickets, food, insurance – have to mean more.

Weʼve been loyal for a long time. But we know now that loyalty to companies doesnʼt necessarily mean weʼre rewarded. In fact, itʼs easier than ever to switch the brands we use –so youʼre going to have to do better to impress us. You might be offering me the usual – the expected. But our expectations are greater now.

We deserve to be heard, and to have our voice make a difference. We need you to step up. Weʼre tired of having to put up with bad service just because. Weʼre over needing to jump through hoops for the basic right to be treated like a person. Weʼre fed up with being expected to tolerate low-quality products and services. We want better. We demand better. Our demands are:

1. To be heard, and for our voices to change how things are done

2. To feel like a person, instead of a number on a balance sheet

3. To interact with you in the ways we prefer

4. To feel like weʼre getting our moneyʼs worth, instead of accepting what we have to.

Our experience has to be better and either youʼre on board, or weʼre out.

Your (for now) Consumers