Rethinking Ramadan … again

Michael Psaila
April 28, 2022
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Rethinking Ramadan: It is the month of generosity celebrated by Muslims worldwide. It is also an anticipated month for marketers

Not only is the month of generosity celebrated by Muslims worldwide, but it is also an anticipated calendar month for marketers worldwide too.

Traditionally a time of gathering, family and community togetherness, fasting, prayer and the biggest ad season of the year – we are yet again on the verge of witnessing a second year where Ramadan will be celebrated under social distancing regulations – at least in the majority of countries worldwide. An “ABC guide to successful marketing” doesn’t exist (at least for now), so how do you adapt key campaigns that were months in the making to be launched during the holy month?

Marketers must take advantage of the given situation. Never has a reliance on digital platforms been so prevalent. Seeking information, the purchasing of basic and luxury goods and services, entertainment, inter-relations, studying and work have all been put under one umbrella of deliverance due to these unprecedented times. Understanding this shift in behaviour is essential for marketers to develop truly agile campaigns for Ramadan.

Delivery searches worldwide have increased by 180% for essential goods and services.

There has been an increase of 41% of in-app purchases within F&B delivery mobile apps. Pakistan in particular has seen an outstanding 450% increase in home-delivery searches.

Due to the heavier reliance on the digital world, users are spending a far increased time online. They are consuming entertaining content, learning new skills and getting creative with new hobbies. With Ramadan having an emphasis on a sense of community and physical togetherness, this has now been shifted to blossoming an online sense of community and togetherness. The challenge for brands is to connect with consumers thoughtfully.

Do the Rethink. Small details come into play.

Since an online experience differs so much to the traditional, physical experience, the devil really is in the detail for marketers to hop on.

Solo Gift-Shopping is one of them. Data clearly shows that shopping grows exponentially in the time of Ramadan. Normally this shopping is done with a friend or a family member, however data shows that even in those countries where lockdown is not enforced, most people will still feel most comfortable shopping online. What does this mean for marketers? How can marketers replicate – as much as possible – the physical shopping experience through online means? Solo shopping also means that there is less of a possibility for a person to be influenced by their peer’s likes when walking around a store. How can this be replicated online?

Streamline your websites.

Make the online shopping experience as up-to-date as possible. Ensure customers have a smooth experience loading your site (including on mobile), update your stock details in real time and offer accurate delivery times.

The tradition of sharing meals with family during Ramadan is unlikely to happen as extensively this year. Rather than traditional large gatherings, messaging can shift to more intimate family/household celebrations — and the need to prepare simple meals. During Ramadan search queries for recipes peak as families enjoy Iftar together. With large or public buffets to be avoided this season, F&B businesses must try to innovate with simple recipe recommendations or fun communal activities such as online cook-a-longs.

Yet again, like many other festivities around the world, Ramadan will not operate under the alias of business-as-usual. With an exponential growth in online traffic, marketers and business owners are presented with the opportunity to track data in a faster and easier way. Then use that data to reap benefits in future campaigns. Such benefits include connecting with your consumers in a more personal way.

A study conducted by our sister company, Onest showcasing their findings on potential marketing trends for Ramadan 2021.

Ramadan Mubarak!