Navigating through rough seas requires guidance from a … data-compass

Zak Borg
June 21, 2021
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Data is everywhere.

It is presented in the most minute of forms. It is a necessity for proactive and reactive decision-making in our lives and businesses. Metaphorically speaking, we ALL rely on the use of data as a compass for direction on how to navigate calm or rough waters, through clear or foggy skies for current stability and future growth and success.

Don’t trust your gut.

Data is the compass, Content is the engine and programmatic channels are the fuel.

Let’s break this down further. Content and programmatic channels could direct any rocket ship at the right velocity but potentially in the wrong direction.

Without data, the possibility of heading in the right direction is like a lottery draw. A 360 degree landscape is always existent and the target audience is always there, however at what angle can you find it ? When you use data as the north star it allows you to predetermine within a few degrees of accuracy.

In today’s industries, senior professionals have come or are coming to terms with the prevalence of data in business operational units by gaining immediate access to performance-based data from across their company. Such professionals recognize that they are able to obtain a real-time representation of the current state of their business operations and environment.

Enhanced efficiency, greater revenue-earning potential and the ability to improve the experiences of residents are all lead to be understood and developed by informed judgments brought about by data.

“Creativity can be a super-power and data can be the compass to steer, guide and lead creativity towards the consumer.” Simply relying on past experience without having reliable accurate and automated data will compromise the organization’s stability and ability whether if attempting to identify company growth opportunities during good economic times or seeking to implement the most effective response during times of hardship.

In no way, shape or form are we saying that experienced-based performance is futile in this day and age, however it is very important that analytic-based decision making does work in tandem with the former in order for full effectiveness in ideas/business and ventures to be present. So before you would like to push forward with an amazing business concept that will “guarantee” you millions in return of investment, always remember that:

“Without data, you are just another person with an opinion”
– W. Edwards Deming