What is CRM for real estate?

A real estate CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is an invaluable tool for professionals in the real estate industry. It serves as a comprehensive platform designed to streamline and enhance various aspects of their business. One of the most popular CRM platforms in the industry is HubSpot, which can support real estate agencies in the following ways:

Centralised Data Management

A real estate CRM provides a centralised repository for storing and organising crucial client information. This includes contact details, property preferences, transaction history, and communication history. This centralised database ensures that agents have quick access to the information they need, reducing the chances of miscommunication or missed opportunities.

Lead Generation and Management

Real estate CRM systems often include lead generation tools that help agents identify and capture potential clients. Whether it's through website integrations, social media, or email campaigns, these systems help agents gather leads and automatically funnel them into the CRM for further nurturing.

Task and Appointment Management

Keeping track of appointments, follow-ups, and important tasks is essential in the real estate business. CRMs provide robust calendar and task management features that help agents stay organised and never miss critical dates or commitments.

Communication Tools

Effective communication is at the heart of any successful real estate transaction. A CRM typically includes communication tools such as email integration, SMS/text messaging, and even call recording. These features enable agents to maintain regular and meaningful contact with clients, fostering trust and transparency.

Analytics and Reporting

Real estate CRMs offer analytics and reporting capabilities that allow agents to assess the performance of their marketing campaigns and sales efforts. By analyzing data on open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and more, agents can make informed decisions to refine their strategies.

Client Segmentation

CRMs enable agents to segment their client database based on various criteria such as location, property type, buying or selling stage, and more. This segmentation allows for more targeted marketing and personalized communication, which can significantly improve conversion rates

Why is HubSpot the best CRM for Real Estate?

Although there are several options available for real estate agencies looking for CRM platforms, such as Monday and Freshworks, HubSpot is widely considered a better option in the industry due to the following competitive advantages:

Real Estate Focus

HubSpot offers specialised features and templates designed specifically for real estate professionals. This industry-specific focus allows agents to manage leads, listings, and transactions more efficiently.

Easy to Use

HubSpot is known for its user-friendly & intuitive interface, making it easier for real estate agents to adapt to the CRM system and use it effectively - without the need to spend weeks on training.

Marketing & Email Automation

A CRM allows real estate professionals to automate marketing campaigns. Agents can schedule emails, newsletters, and even social media posts to engage with their clients and leads. This automation ensures that agents stay top-of-mind with their contacts without investing excessive time and effort. HubSpot CRM allows senders to generate personalised content and automation, presenting the opportunity for sales & marketing teams to send tailored information based on the lead's preferences and behaviour. Moreover, the platform’s automation capabilities also keeps data from different apps in sync.

Compatibility with Other Software

Since many professionals in the real estate industry may need other software to complete their tasks efficiently, HubSpot automatically becomes a practical solution since it offers integration capabilities with over 1000 different applications, including many popular real estate tools and platforms, such as property listing services, email marketing platforms, and social media networks. This allows real estate agencies to streamline their workflows, centralise their data, and reduce manual data entry, creating a cohesive system across multiple platforms.


HubSpot offers a range of pricing plans, including free and paid options, to accommodate agencies of different sizes and budgets. As your real estate agency grows, you can easily upgrade to more advanced plans with additional features and capacity, without having to migrate to a different platform.

How can we help you grow your business with HubSpot?

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