How to Orient Your Company to 2022?

Michael Psaila
April 28, 2022
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Perfect passage paths between fields illustrate how a company should be perfectly oriented in 2022

Once again, 2021 proved that the world is in constant evolution; habits, decisions, unexpected events, make certain ways of doing things change and lead to deeper transformations of certain visions of things and perceptions of this world.

"Every decision or non-decision shifts the universe in a whole new direction." Ray. A Davis. With this thought, the author illustrates the famous "butterfly effect", a metaphor concerning the paradigm of chaos theory. In very simple terms, the main idea of the theory is that the smallest decision and the smallest action that is made can have more or less important consequences in time, and it is, therefore, impossible to predict how the world of tomorrow will be made. And the perfect example for this year 2021 is perhaps the ship; Ever Given, blocked in the Suez Canal. A simple cargo ship, of insignificant size on a global scale, has impacted 10% of the world economy and will have very long-term consequences.

The marketing sector has also seen its trends evolve in 2021, and it is important to know them to apprehend in the best way this year 2022.

Trends to consider for 2022

The year 2021 has once again proven that the world is in constant evolution in terms of habits and ways of looking at things, and it has brought out a strong and significant trend, human and transparency. All your strategies for 2022 will have to be turned towards certain crucial points, respecting the environment, fellow human beings, and above all, will have to be transparent. In a world where competition has never been any higher, it is essential that the consumer feels confident because at the slightest mishap, there will be no hesitation for that client to shift supplier.

In the next part, we will see the trends of 2021 which will surely be still current in 2022. 

Human values and the use of new technologies will always be in the minds of marketers when developing your marketing strategies. 

From 2021 to 2022

Now that we've identified two important points to drive your strategies, let's look at some of the specific content and form points for your strategies, ideas that have fuelled the marketing content this year. 

Confidentiality - Trust - Transparency

2021 has been a period where the trust of users has been tested a lot, trust in governments (economic crisis), trust in governments and scientists (health crisis), several scandals related to privacy on social networks, questioning of the internet as we know it today (cookies). In short, this year has not been an easy one for most consumers. Trust, transparency and confidence are the 3 attributes mostly relevant for today’s consumers.

Establish this relationship of trust with your customers or your prospects, be transparent, do not try to deceive them - as you will only get negative results. 

Personalization and Authenticity

This point is directly related to the idea of trust. Personalization is a way to gain it.

Offer personalized content to your users, personalize your products, your communications. The consumer will then be of the impression that you understand his/her needs and as a result, will naturally trust you. And how do you personalize your content according to the users? Data, not personal data - but consumer data that you would have drawn from previous experiences.

Authenticity is an important source of trust in commerce, the consumer must identify with your brand, feel that your products correspond to him/her.. Ideas are varied, for example, your employees can help you. Who better than the people who add value to your products to promote them? Behind the scenes is something that involves the consumer in your actions, it is also proof of transparency. The making-of a product or a service can be a very click-generating marketing tool, people like to see how their clothes are made, how their cars or phones are repaired. Every industry, every business, can implement this idea. 

Interactional marketing

When you are a potential buyer of a product or a service, you like to be understood and accompanied in your steps. Marketing can then turn to this way of doing things peer to peer and weave bonds of trust with the consumer. 

In a classic way, social networks can be this place of exchange with consumers, on Instagram, Facebook and also Twitter, the social network where people give the most of their opinion and share even the most trivial things. A very important place of exchange, especially to collect the first hot opinions of consumers.

As previously mentioned, it is important to link the two important marketing trends for 2022, which are humanisation and technology. It is necessary here to link both the interaction with technologies. 2021 has seen the emergence of chatbots, mainly because of the many closures of businesses and physical stores.

These small assistants are often used in case of need of help and assistance when you browse a website and are usually represented by a small robot. These online assistants are sometimes inefficient because they work through artificial intelligence, are sometimes underdeveloped, and do not really understand the need that we feel. However, many companies have their own chatbots, but with real people behind them, humanizing the interaction we have and considerably improving our user experience. So why not use this chatbot system to accompany consumers on your digital platform, with the help of real marketers behind, or with artificial intelligence, more and more advanced. 

Artificial Intelligence

When we talk about artificial intelligence to the general public, the reactions are rather negative, the fiction to seize the minds of some and assimilate this technology to robots taking control over humans. 

Artificial intelligence is now a very powerful tool for analysing and exploiting data, in order to identify consumer behaviour by exploiting all kinds of information collected on the Internet, whether social networks or blogs.

Artificial intelligence is today a tool of understanding for companies, and this technology is constantly evolving and each year its effectiveness is increasing. According to the research and consulting firm Gartner, in 2022, 85% of the exchanges between customers and companies will be done via chatbots, a colossal figure but understandable when we know that 69% of customers prefer intelligent chatbots to human dialogue to privilege the speed of assistance (Ubisend).

Artificial intelligence will become a part of our lives, that's for sure. Waiting time for daily tasks is getting shorter and shorter thanks to the internet and its lightning development, and AI allows to eliminate these waiting times in many fields. 

An algorithmic evolution

Social networks are undoubtedly the best way to gain customers today, however, you will have to review your entire communication strategy on them.

The reason? A major algorithmic change started in 2020, and you have probably noticed it. 
A major player in the world of social networks has appeared and has completely changed the codes of communication on them. TikTok arrived with its short video formats and completely seduced users. More than 3 billion downloads in just 3 years with users spending an average of 48 minutes per day on the application (

The giants of social networks had to reinvent themselves and propose these short video formats. Instagram, which was the leader in photography, has completely reinvented itself and now offers Reels, prioritizing them completely to traditional photos, and thus revising its algorithm.

It is therefore essential for you to abandon little by little the static contents, privilege the dynamic content and generate interaction. Videos and motion designs are examples. Otherwise, your communication will be endangered and the new algorithm will put your content aside from any visibility.


For the most ambitious and early among you, new technologies were born in 2021 and are on the bridge to be developed in 2022. Among these new technologies, NFT's (Non-Fungible Token), cryptographic and virtual elements based on blockchain technology, have convinced some of the biggest companies, Adidas, Pepsi, Ubisoft, and so on, to jump into this technology. However, this technology is still poorly understood by the general public. 2022 will be the year to understand this technology which will open infinite doors of imagination and serious opportunities to make the digital world as secure and unique as the real world.

To conclude, 2022 is still likely to be a year of restriction and security with respect to the health crisis, it is then essential to update its digital strategies, the trends of 2021 should be similar to 2022, with innovations and improvement of technologies, and perhaps the emergence of new tools and new trends responding to problems that we have not yet addressed. The world is changing at an incredible speed and the future may not be so far, but don't forget to live in the moment and enjoy your loved ones.