Choosing the Right Influencer

Michael Psaila
April 28, 2022
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The variety of digital platforms to choose from to promote brand awareness is illustrated by an online influencer alongside a multicoloured wall.

“People influence people. Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend. A trusted referral influences people more than the best broadcast message. A trusted referral is the Holy Grail of advertising.” Mark Zuckerberg

Trust is what we give to certain people and that allows us to facilitate relationships and actions, perhaps with a family member, a close friend, or now, a social network celebrity. This link that the influencer creates with his community is the essential ingredient of influencer marketing. People trust them and will give more legitimacy to their advice, their words, or their advertisements.

However, no one can please everyone, each influencer has his audience, age, gender, the center of interest, all that varies from one influencer to another. So don't make the wrong choice for your campaign.

Why influencers?

Nothing better than numbers to demonstrate the importance of influencers in our digital world today.

Between $5.20 and $18
(influencermarketinghub,2018) - That's the return on investment for every dollar invested in an influencer campaign for your business, a consequential difference that proves that the choice of influencer can have remarkable consequences on the results of a campaign. 

8 out of 10 consumers (Rakuten Marketing, 2019) - This is the number of people who have already made a purchase following the advice of an influencer. Here is the importance of the target market that is underlined, social networks are the key tools of today's digital marketing. 

½ Million (influencerDB, 2019) - This is the number of influencers present on Instagram, undoubtedly the best platform to reach these targets with 1.22 billion active users (statista).

How to choose? 

Choosing the optimal platform - Before you focus on a specific person you should first ask yourself where would the campaign be most effective, Snapchat? Instagram? LinkedIn? Several platforms where influencers can be at your service. Study your market well, use your data and then study the different possibilities offered by the platforms, Instagram Stories, Snapchat Stories, LinkedIn Posts... A multitude of layouts is offered by the platforms. 

Consistency with the brand image - Once the platform has been chosen, the time has come to choose THE person who will represent your brand for your campaign. This person will have to carry certain values that converge with your brand, it is a choice that requires reflection because the consequences of a bad choice can be catastrophic for your company. If your influencer has divergent values with your company, his community will not share them either, and even worse, the community could have values that go against the values of your company and therefore tarnish your image.

Choosing an influencer for his community - Your influencer should reflect your target audience, his community should perfectly match your market, you sell IT services? The influencer's community must therefore belong to this field. Moreover, it is easily accessible to check the interests of his followers simply by going on their accounts, the biographies of their accounts are like a summary of their passions, hobbies, and personalities easily comparable with your business. 

Analyze the last collaborations - Nothing prevents you from knowing the work previously done by the influencer and other brands. See how they proceed, their results, the engagement rate of their followers on different campaigns. An influencer with tens of thousands of inactive followers will not bring you anything. 

Make sure the influencer is motivated - The influencer you hire will not only be a supplier, but also a collaborator for you. Enthusiasm, motivation, initiative, all of this must be taken into account when choosing your influencer. He must like your product, your service, and the vision of your company. 

Your choice will have to correspond to your plan, don't take an influencer because he has a lot of followers, take him because he fits perfectly in your marketing strategy and your team.

Prepare the costs - Although your marketing strategy is perfectly prepared, the use of an influencer must be prepared in advance. Prepare the financial costs at first, the more you will ask the influencer, the more he will charge you. But the almost as important cost is the cost of time that it will take you, you have to prepare, the influencer surely receives dozens of requests like yours, so you will have to be patient. In addition, if you manage to hire him, you will have to discuss format, quantity, planning, image rights, and many details sometimes forgotten in the organization that requires the use of an influencer in his campaign. 

The effects of the influencer on your campaign

First, let's look at the positive effects that using an influencer can have. 

Brand popularity. The influencer has tens or even hundreds of thousands of followers, surely more than your company's accounts. The brand will gain popularity through the words of your influencer, if the campaign is successful it is the whole community that will be convinced of your product or service. 

Massive reach. When you engage an influencer, you're delivering your message in one swoop to thousands of potential customers, and all with interactive content that's much more lively than email marketing. 

Word of mouth. As explained in the previous point, if the campaign is successful, its entire community will be reached and won over. But not only that, word-of-mouth will surely be one of the best assets of this campaign. Imagine that each person talks about your product to only one person of his entourage, it is thus twice his community that is reached. The influencer's community is only the first step in the delivery of your message.

Interactions with the community. Influencers are the direct link between your brand and the community, if they have questions they will ask them to the influencer, this allows them to have direct opinions and in record time, under the posts users will say what they think under their posts. Information that can be an opportunity for you, readjustment of products, redesign of the strategy etc. ... 

The distance between you and the general public will be reduced. 

Easily measurable success. If the influencer does his job well, it won't take long to see the first results of the campaign, below the posts, the engagement in the first hours is often the most significant and will give you a precise idea of the quality of your influencer's performance. 

Adapt to your budget. Using an influencer has a cost, but it can be adapted to your means, micro-influencers are very much in demand especially when it comes to niche markets. 

However, the use of an influencer can also have undesirable effects when it goes wrong or when certain unforeseen events occur.

Lack of credibility. The thing about influencers is that must be treated like companies, they want to make money, so the risk is to hire an influencer who multiplies partnerships and sometimes even several in the same day. Your product will be just one line on a long list and will be forgotten. This will lead to a lack of credibility of your brand which will be assimilated to only a "product of influencers".

Internet users' lassitude. The multiplication of partnerships can also weary followers and generate a decrease in engagements or even an increase in negative engagements.

Influencer's BadBuzz. When you use an influencer, you don't only give him/her the opportunity to market you, he is also a kind of ambassador of your brand and therefore you leave your image in his hands. 

It is enough that the influencer undergoes a single Badbuzz and it is your company that will also pay the costs associated with your influencer whose image has been soiled.

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective today, it reaches consumers directly via their best everyday partner... their smartphone. Calling an influencer is reaching the whole community he has behind him, these people trust him and this trust is, as the boss of Facebook would say, the "Holy Grail" of your campaign.