Let’s be frank - when people think of HR, the first thing that may come to mind is policing, and the team which is always on the lookout for wrong doings, right? Wrong.

While making sure that company values, standards and levels of service are undeniably one of the main functions of HR, at ANCHOVY x NIU, we believe that there is much more to it than that, and we have found it is far more effective to focus on our people and culture.

Rather than considering our workforce as merely a resource, we see them as valuable assets, which we should continuously invest in to maximize their potential. Our People & Culture team strives to make the experience of every team member enjoyable, which in turn ensures that the team feels proud and contributes to the group’s mission. By focusing on the strengths of our employees, we are able to identify the best place for them in our organization and empower them to seek growth opportunities and find purpose by fueling their passions.

How do we do this you might ask?

From the very first meeting with a candidate, we lay the foundations for building a strong relationship such that as the process advances on to the first working day, we would already have been able to offer our support and clarify any concerns there may be.

If we’re being honest, even though progressing your career with a new organization is an exciting prospect, it can entail certain fears, insecurities and even challenges. However, with the right support and mutual trust, we have been able to support newcomers to effectively overcome such issues and focus on the achievement of shared goals. 

When mentioning trust, we cannot fail to emphasize the importance we place on this fundamental factor. Our philosophy is that trusting each other only way we can thrive, both on a personal and professional level. We want to take our relationship with our people a step further and that is why we encourage our team to share their experiences and concerns with us, even if they may extend to a somewhat personal nature. We want our team to know that we are committed to their wellbeing and that we will try our best to support them in their journey with us.

At the end of the day, we realize that we need to work hard to achieve the results we desire, that each of us are an essential part of something bigger and that every day is a challenge in itself. But instead of letting that scare us, on the contrary, we own it and let it motivate us to be better every day. For those of you reading this who are determined, aim high and will settle for nothing less than the very best, we just want to say - we will always have a place for you at 9H Capital. Let’s talk.